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Are you one of the 54%? The Undecided Voter, and the Unknown Candidate

April 27, 2018

This past week a poll of likely Idaho voters was conducted by one of my opponents in this race for Idaho’s 1st Congressional Seat. Not surprisingly, he came out on top of the poll data. I imagine if any of my other opponents had funded polls to determine who the leader of the pack was they would all come out on top as well.


I know that I feel the same way about polls today as many of you do following the 2016 Presidential election debacle (remember when Hillary Clinton was winning by 70%) – we know that they can’t be trusted, we know that the data set can be skewed using leading questions, and we know that it’s easy to omit countless respondents by simply hand picking the ones you want participating. Not that I’m suggesting that is how THIS poll in particular was conducted – I’m simply saying that numbers can be what anyone wants them to be. If I were to conduct a poll of all the people working and volunteering on my campaign team I imagine (and would expect) the result to be “100% of electors polled want Nick Henderson for congress”.


Interestingly enough the data collected from this poll isn’t available on my opponent’s website, it isn’t mentioned in any statements from the Candidate or his campaign team – we only found out about it after The Gem State Patriot ran an article citing the poll as the source for its information. We’ll get to my point on polls here shortly – but first let’s look at what IS on my opponent’s press release.


In two short paragraphs he makes it clear that he has raised and spent the most amount of money out of any of the candidates campaigning for this nomination. That’s the only data that has been recently released on his site – a statement about how much money is moving into his accounts, and summarily if you look at the FEC filling report – out of his accounts.


If you ask me, that sounds a lot like what you would expect from a CAREER POLITICIAN. We all know that the DC Swamp is only a swamp right now BECAUSE of career politicians. So Idaho, you have a choice – do you vote for a career politician, or do you vote for an outsider, better – vote for Nick Henderson.


In the article written by the Gem State Patriot, a press release with poll data is cited, saying that Russ Fulcher has 24% of the vote right now. Followed by Dave Leroy at 12% and the Malek and Snyder at 5% each. The press release fails to mention Nick Henderson and where he stands in the polls, and if you do the math using the figures above – at least 54% of the voters polled who are either “undecided” or in that block of data that was not included in the press release.


From the very start our campaign has been about the grassroots, we’ve been “lean and mean” and we’ve raised and spent only 1% of what the other campaigns have. Yet in every town, at every meeting, all throughout District 1 there are people who show up supporting Nick Henderson for Congress.


At every venue where all of the candidate have had a chance to speak together people have come up to me at the end, eager to shake my hand and tell me “I was voting for _________, but after hearing you speak, you’ve got my vote!”.


54% of voters going into the primary are “undecided voters” and in less than 20 days now those voters will be in the ballot box making their decisions about who to elect to office.


54% of voters who are tired of career politicians, who are tired of showmen, and lawyers.


54% of voters who know that we need real conservatives with strong moral convictions in Washington D.C. fighting to defend Idaho from the swamp creatures and the threat from within.


54% of voters who can’t stand Congress’ 13% approval rating, and non-representative Government.


54% of voters who on May 15th have a real opportunity to take a stand against the status quo.


Are you one of the 54%?


On May 15th vote for Nick Henderson for Congress, and be a part of making Idaho Strong, and America Great again!







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