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My pick for Lt.Governor – Janice McGeachin

April 18, 2018

As we are now getting much closer to the May primary date I’ve found myself contemplating which candidates to support in their races for various offices across Idaho. As a candidate myself I am often left so focused on my own campaign that I forget I’ll too be asked to cast a ballot on May 15th for Citizens to represent my best interests in Idaho as well. In the race for Lieutenant Governor of Idaho we were fortunate to have several good candidates put themselves forward for the job, but after careful consideration of the fact there was no question in my mind as to which candidate is best for the job  - and that person is Janice McGeachin.


I’ve been following her campaign for awhile now and I’ve continued to be impressed with her commitment to the same conservative principles that I hold so high. I’ve even had the opportunity to discuss with her some of my policy ideas, and ask qualifying questions of her regarding some of the claims made against her during the campaign. I want to get ahead of any of those misleading statements today by addressing them directly.


Of course for those of you following the campaign are aware of her opponents using a 2012 Idaho Freedom Index report to make baseless claims that Janice is not a conservative. This report has been taken out of context by the opponents in this race, it’s data used in a way that omits context, and has been abused in such a way that the Idaho Freedom Index released a statement just a couple days ago advising Candidates to use their data correctly. They also issued the following statement:


“It is improper to claim that Rep. Janice McGeachin’s 2012 Freedom Index score can be represented as a percentage or a letter grade, as neither were part of the Freedom Index that year. It is fair to say that […] McGeachin voted in a way that indicated solid support for conservative principles and free markets.”  -Idaho Freedom Index




Janice and I recently attended a Pro-2A rally on the steps of the Capitol building in Boise, where Janice addressed the crowd and received an endorsement from Dick Heller (of the DC vs. Heller Supreme Court Case, 2008). She is committed to making Idaho better with free market solutions to the rising cost of healthcare and failing ACA programs. Janice is also committed to returning local control of our classrooms back to Idaho and to the parents – which fits perfectly into my education plan for after I’m elected Idaho’s 1st District Representative in the U.S. Congress.


I whole heartedly put my support behind Janice McGeachin for Lt. Governor and look forward to working with her in the future to make Idaho the best state in the Union.


Click here for more info on Janice McGeachin 




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