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We can defeat the Opioid Crisis in America. Here's how we do it.

April 15, 2018

If you've heard me speak in person at any of my campaign events, town halls, or in the debates you know that I am passionate about defeating the opioid crisis in America, and as your Representative I will take big, bold, action to make sure that America is made safe from this epidemic that has cripple America. 


Currently in America the #1 cause of accidental death is drug overdose, and a lot of those overdoses are on opioids, prescription or otherwise. Let that sink in for a moment - in America, today, you are more likely to accidentally die from a drug overdose than a car accident. 


A major problem with opioids is how highly addictive they are, and that when patients prescriptions run out they find themselves having to find alternative means to meet that craving for the substance. This has led to the creation of a black market for the drugs, knock-offs made in China are cut with fentanyl and have made their way into every single community in America. 


In the past 20 years drug overdoses in America have more than doubled an annually claim more than 45,000 American lives. Where is the outrage? Where are the rallies, and the walkouts for these people? All too often the stigma around drug overdoses creates a callous attitude and detachment from the victims. You'll hear people say hurtful things, accusing victims of being "druggies" or in the case of children who have overdosed - some people have gone as far as to blame the parents and accuse them of not being their for their children. 


So the major question facing America now is how do we solve this problem? How do we curtail the highly addictive nature of prescription opioids? How do we stop this tragic problem, for good?


The first, and most immediate, thing we need to do is increase awareness - this is something former Fox News host Eric Bolling and his family have made their personal mission - after his son became a victim of accidental opioid overdose while at college. Making people aware of the dangers and engaging them in actively seeking alternatives will be critical in winning this fight. 


The second, and most hard hitting, step we can take is to completely de-schedule, de-criminalize, and legalize Cannabis and all related products at the Federal level. Big-pharma greed and special interests have continued to keep Marijuana as a schedule 1 narcotic with the DEA - that is, a substance with absolutely NO medicinal value. All the evidence you need of swamp corruption is right here. We all know, every American knows, that cannabis is majorly medicinal, in the fight against chronic pain, cancer, PTSD, Parkinson's Disease, the list goes on. The Feds are criminally negligent in their continued suppression of Cannabis - and should be held accountable. Cannabis, as a pain killer, is an all natural, non-addictive, non-harmful, alternative to the highly toxic, poisonous, addictive opioids big-pharma would want you to pay thousands of dollars for. 




These two important steps are how we begin to solve the crisis. We need to focus our communities on healing, and support for those who have suffered losses due to big-pharma greed, and we need to get the real work done to beat them back into their holes. 


I have been, and will continue to be, the lion in this fight. This is why I ask all of you in Idaho to send me to Congress, so that we can save American lives, and get the Feds out of the way. Vote for Nick Henderson on May 15th in the Idaho Primary.

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