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Nick Henderson’s pick for Idaho Governor…

February 27, 2018


In the past few weeks I’ve been increasingly peppered with inquires as to whom I am supporting in this years race for the Governor’s office in Idaho. I put off replying and formally endorsing any one candidate while I did my research on those running and was able to arrive at a better, informed decision. I will say this to start, I was not prepared to have so many people seek my input on the Governor’s election, and all of my focus has been on my own campaign for Congress.


The title of this article makes it clear though, I have made my pick. Of the many candidates running I believe that nothing is more important than finding a good conservative, who will hold those values up in Boise, to fill the seat. That makes picking from the 3 Republican contenders a bit difficult because if you have spent anytime on their respective websites they, like most Republican candidates for the Congressional 1st District office, all read fairly much as copies of each other.


I would find it hard to believe a Republican candidate could even consider campaigning if he or she didn’t support the 2nd Amendment, or if they weren’t pro-life, pro-business, and for smaller taxes on the people.


Today I am formally endorsing Rep. Raul Labrador for the office of Governor of the State of Idaho. Though he and his opponents talk the same talk, Rep. Labrador has proven that he walks the walk. The American Conservative Union keeps a scorecard on all of our members of Congress and the State Legislature – this past year Rep. Labrador was one of the few conservatives to score a perfect 100% conservative grade with the ACU – as a point of contrast Rep. Simpson of District 2 only scored a 52%. Last year Rep. Labrador scored a 96% on the American Conservative Union’s tracker, and Representative Simpson only scored a 48%.


Being ranked, consistently, as one of the most conservative voting members of Congress is all the reason I needed to convince me to throw my hat behind Rep. Labrador for this race. Having met him now several times at events I know him as a personable man who will represent the office well, and having looked at his score card and his strong conservative ideals – he will do Idaho proud as Governor.


As a footnote voters may also find it interesting to know that the ACU also ranks State Legislators. Their data, which is available at the American Conservative Union website awards my opponent Rep. Luke Malek a 65% lifetime average conservative score, and Rep. Perry is nearly tied with him at only 66%. As much as Idaho needs a conservative Governor, we can not afford to send anyone other than a true, 100%, conservative Representative to Washington DC - and that is why this May 15th I'm asking for you to #PICKNICK and vote for me. 



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