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Leaving CPAC looking forward to a bright future, and WINNING 2018

February 24, 2018

What this trip to CPAC meant for me – and why I did it.


For those of you following the campaign page on Facebook you know that I’ve spent the past three days at the American Conservative Union’s annual event – CPAC. The Conservative Political Action Conference is a great place for like minded conservatives to come together, share ideas, listen to speakers and engage in panels and breakout sessions covering the most important policy issues facing America today.


Conservatives today constantly find themselves under an almost non-stop barrage of attacks from the left and the media elite. Our ideals have been branded as everything from racist to sexists to xenophobic and exclusionary, and the fight to maintain our moral high ground is an exhausting one. CPAC offers conservatives an opportunity to be recharged, refreshed, and renewed in purpose as we go forward from these halls and meeting rooms to face another year of standing up for what is right.


At a personal level for me CPAC this year had some different meaning than it did in 2017 when I first attended. In 2017 I was just there to see what it was all about, and I left electrified and more focused than ever. Less than a year later I was convinced that it was the right time to run for office and filed to run for Idaho’s 1st Congressional District seat in the US House of Representatives. This year was a chance for me to talk to activists, voters, organizers, fund raisers, campaign managers, authors, speakers, journalists, and students to really get my finger on the pulse of conservatism in the United States.


15,000 people attended the 3 day long conference, and more than 50% of them were 24 years old or younger, which made me so immensely proud of what our future generation of leaders look like. Again, like last year, I’m leaving Washington DC invigorated, renewed in spirit, focused on our goals, and more confident than ever in running for Congress.


The future of Idaho is in our hands, I am humbled by all of you that have given me your support, and I will continue to work tirelessly to honor you, Idaho, and the United States of America.




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