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Quick Moment on Vaccinations

February 23, 2018

Day one of CPAC has been great; full of energy and excitement. Lot of fresh ideas and dialogue being shared. More to follow but check out the videos I’m posting daily.


I wanted to address one topic that came up from a recent event. During the event a few members from an opposing campaign approached me and asked some questions regarding my stance on vaccinations.


What I said at the event was that there is a ton of science that backs up the power of vaccines. I do think vaccines are overall a benefit to the people and have been proven to wipe out diseases.


What that was twisted into was me saying I am in favor of Government mandated vaccines.


That couldn't be further from the truth.


Just because there is a benefit to something does not mean Government needs to step in and mandate something that; quite frankly, seems like a common sense solution to protect ourselves and future generations.


My purpose is simple: This campaign is about less Government overreach and more about Government serving the people. Enforcing a Government mandate on vaccinations is the complete opposite. So let me make clear again: I do not support Government mandated Vaccines.


My opponents who have spun my statement to set themselves apart from me are of the old guard where they need to twist a truth to leverage themselves.


That’s why I’m running; because we can’t have this type of allegory continue to be the theme of politics. I’d actually like to learn more about why people choose not to vaccinate their kids so that I may be able to represent their needs while at the same time creating a better understanding for everyone. My goal is to represent the citizens of Idaho; even those who do not always agree with me.


I’d like to remind my opponents to read my position in black and white so that we too can lessen any misunderstandings on the campaign trail.


More to follow from CPAC! Continue to check out the videos and send your feedback my way.




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