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Hello 2018!

January 7, 2018

Welcome to 2018, the start of a great New Year - a year that promises new adventures and opportunities.  All represent steps along a continuous journey. 


Now that the holiday season is behind us and our families have returned to their homes, as we look over the leftovers and Christmas decorations and begin our process of cleaning and preparing to return to normal life it’s time to contemplate on what this new year means, and what it will bring for us.


As is tradition on New Year’s Eve I sat down and wrote out some goals, both long term and short term, for myself this year. As I put pen to paper I thought about the hurdles we will face going forward not just in the campaign but as a nation, and I focused a lot of my heart on those matters.


We’ve been seeing a wellspring of victories coming out of Washington DC with President Trump in the Oval Office – from comprehensive tax reform, to a border wall and immigration policy that will keep America safe and an economy that is turning around. The market is booming, America is getting back into the oil production game, and as we drain the swamp in DC more power is being returned to the States. One of my favorite Christmas presents this year was seeing the illegal individual mandate, created by Congressional Democrats and Barrack Obama in the ACA, repealed.


Though not all is well in Washington DC.


Recently Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced plans to roll back policies recognizing the individual State’s rights to determine legality of cannabis. This is a brazen and inexcusable attack on the State’s and an example of a blind non-representative bureaucracy. The “resistance” continues to put their personal feelings over common sense, logical, reforms that would serve to make America better and a leader in the International Community, and Congress is stalled on balancing the budget or fixing health care in the United States.


There are some serious issues that need addressed still, and that is where I come in. It is time for Idaho to send a principled, disciplined leader to Washington DC. A soldier willing to fight for the causes we hold so dear to us in Idaho. More simply stated; we need fresh perspective:  put in true patriots, real conservatives, and service driven men and women into office.


The start of 2018 has seen our campaign shifting into the next highest gear as we begin a ground fight for the primary. My team has begun scheduling meet-ups, and candidate forums for the coming weeks and months. We’ve begun partnering with campaign management professionals and fund-raisers to bring some fresh energy and ideas into the fold. We’re looking into more opportunities for volunteers to get out and connect with voters in their hometowns.


2018 for me is an exciting year full of opportunity, opportunity to grow as an individual and with friends and family. It will be a great year for America, and a great year for our glorious state of Idaho.


Stay tuned for details about appearances and updates from the campaign trail, better yet - join us in our efforts to bring new energy to Washington DC.


Have a tremendous 2018!





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