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On The Matter of Abortion

November 21, 2017

On the matter of abortion, simply, I'm pro-life. I believe that we have a responsibility to care for the unborn, just that same as we are responsible to care for infants. Personal responsibility is something that is becoming more and more rare in our society, and that's a problem – in fact people not being willing to take responsibility for their actions anymore may be THE problem. What is personal responsibility in this matter? Well, for instance I don't have children, and don't desire to have children of my own - it is my responsibility to make sure that I don't get anyone pregnant and put them in a situation that would even have us asking "what to do". My solution was to get a vasectomy in my 20's - that's personal responsibility.


I'm of the mindset that if we would classify a single celled microbe wriggling in melted ice from Mars as "life" than certainly a complex multi-cellular human fetus is also "life". The popular thing pro-choice activists like to say is "a woman's body, a woman's choice" and I get that, to a point, but there are two bodies involved in every pregnancy, the woman, and the fetus. We're talking about a young human being with signs of emotion, intelligence, complexity and the ability to feel pain. We're talking about a human that responds to music played in the womb and other external stimuli.

There is very little that would forgive extinguishing a life, and simply not wanting someone around certainly is inexcusable. In extreme cases, say rape that results in pregnancy we need to, and I think culturally we're getting there by empowering women and protecting victims, create a society where a woman comes forward, goes to a hospital, gets seen and reports the crime immediately. Every rape kit run at a hospital should include a dose of the "plan-b" drug right away, to prevent the embryo from ever becoming a fetus.

The solution? In my eyes, life is life. There are two bodies involved in every abortion and as a society we need to be a voice for those without a voice. Unless there is a terminal risk to the mother, abortion should be off the table. There is a defining point between when an embryo is just "fertilized" and is actually a fetus. Once we cross that line we're into a moral commitment to life. My position on this isn't dogmatic, I don't believe we have a spiritual obligation to reproduce, I find certain religious beliefs concerning the prohibition of prophylactics to be archaic and irresponsible, and I believe those that would use religious fear tactics instead of education to be in the wrong on this matter, entirely. I arrive at my position from a place of science and morality. What is life? And what is our obligation to the protection of life. When does life have value? If not as a fetus, perhaps after birth? At one year old, when a baby is still entirely helpless and useless in matters of it's own survival? 5? 10?


I am unapologetically a pro-life candidate. I will always protect life, in and out of office.




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