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The Federal Repeal Plan - Our Strategy

November 20, 2017

How big is our Federal Government? Part of the problem President Trump is facing with draining the swamp is that we aren’t even sure how big or how deep the swamp really is. The one thing we do know about the swamp is that it is vile, putrid, and covered in a thick layer of scum.


You might be wondering what I mean when I say we don’t know how big the Federal Government is, or maybe even wondering what “The Federal Repeal Plan” is even. Let me answer those questions here.


USA.gov says that we are currently suffering under the weight of 443 agencies within the Federal Government (I added “suffering under the weight” for emphasis) and that’s the figure I believe – because it’s the largest one I could find.


According to the Government Manual released in 2015 there are 316, in the 2016 Federal Register Index there are 272. So which one of these numbers is the number closest to the truth without going over; and is the price right?


We can clearly see by the lack of a concrete figure that the Federal Government isn’t just too big – it’s out of control. Our founding fathers never meant for the Federal Government to be this big, and it was certainly never meant to have this much power; and now we are living subject to the laws created by faceless bureaucrats that weren’t elected, don’t represent the people, and answer to nobody but themselves.


The rights of the States must come first, and the Federal Government and its Representatives must be beholden to the States and to the people; not the other way around.


My plan is to put the swamp squarely in my cross-hairs, so that I can work with like- minded members of Congress and President Trump to not just drain the swamp, but ensure that it never fills up again by transferring the power of our Government back to the States, the way it was meant to be. Once elected I will focus the might of our office at uncovering the depth of this bulging bureaucracy, and then systematically deleting any agencies, offices, bureaus, boards, committees, etc. that are redundant, or have taken power away from the States.


The Federal Repeal Plan – Our Strategy



1. First we need to identify our targets, we need to know how big our enemy, the obese bureaucracy, has become. I will do this by using the power of Idaho’s 1 st District Office in Congress to identify all the agencies and offices of the Federal Government and classifying those that are redundant, usurping State level powers, or responsible for imposing unconstitutional laws on our people.


2. Merge the redundant agencies into single entities, consolidating their resources and reducing their tax burden. By “deleting” redundant agencies and merging the sub-components of others into one individual agency we can reduce their budgetary needs. Delete enough of the many, over-reaching,

arms of the Federal Government and the savings will be staggering.


3. Disband and dissolve any agency that usurps or blocks State’s from self- governing. The States are not subjects of the Federal Government, the power of the Federal Government is granted by the people, through the States. Federal agencies that pass regulatory “laws” and impose them on the people

and businesses should be considered rogue elements and dispatched entirely.


4. As we emerge from this battle we will have created a leaner, more efficient, Federal Government, beholden to the States, subject to the real will of the people. From this point on we can focus on house keeping, and identifying programs that are draining our resources, impeding individual growth and

responsibility, and scaling them back.


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