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Formal Announcement to the Press

October 10, 2017

After extensive research, planning, and observation I have decided to run for Idaho’s 1st District seat in the U.S. Congress. It is my impression that the long seated establishment GOP in
Washington DC has lost their way – and no longer represent the people. Americans, and the people of Idaho are fed up. They feel neglected, ignored, and have ultimately lost faith in the
leaders that were meant to inspire it. A gluttonous bureaucracy in Washington has impeded the advance of American Exceptionalism and it is time that an outsider is sent there to get things back
on track.

America is in troubled waters. Our deficit continues to tower over us and cast a menacing shadow on every single citizen. Our people are divided, more so than I’ve ever known in my lifetime.
War is being waged in the streets under the guise of “protests”. Meanwhile, tensions with North Korea and Iran are strained and worsening. Our health insurance system is about to collapse and
despite having 8 years to come up with a replacement to the failure that is “ObamaCare” entrenched establishment Republicans have nothing to show for that time. Simply – they aren’t willing to do the work.


I will run this year, as a candidate who will do the work. I’m not a politician; I’m not part of the establishment or the status quo. I’m a commercial pilot, businessman, entrepreneur, and a veteran
of United States Army. I worry about my taxes as much as every other Idahoan. I worry about our national defense and protecting Idaho, and America, from terrorism. I worry about what we will
be leaving behind for the next generations, and on that note – I worry about the education they are getting today. I believe that it is time for the old guard in Washington DC to be shown the door,
and that together we can take the reins back for America.


I bring to the table those values that are a fundamental part of serving: Honor and Loyalty, Duty and Respect, and professionalism. I am a principled constitutional conservative, an entrepreneur that can visualize a future that makes America great again, and makes Idaho strong!


If you’re interested in more information, or would like to contact our campaign team please email contact@nickhenderson.vote or visit http://nickhenderson.vote and find us on facebook at




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