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Building Permits

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

This is still a hot topic and contentious issue and I’ve been learning a lot about it since I

announced my candidacy. I will start with this, I believe that no matter what the law is that we all have a duty and obligation to the law of the land - so if you build a residence and call is a barn and then skip the taxes on your residence, that’s a crime.

That being said, I’m a staunch advocate for property rights. And I am committed to working to find a legal solution that relieves the weight and time and cost of the current requirements; and if that doesn’t work than I’m more than willing to work with our Legislators to get the laws changed to allow the opt-out program back in. For now the state Attorney General says it is illegal. The last thing I want to do is put Kootenai county into a costly suit with the state.

My firm belief is that we need as little government in our lives and on our land as possible, and I’m all about reducing that county government footprint wherever I can with my fellow


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