• Nick Henderson

Kootenai County Now and Tomorrow

If you’re like me then you know the smell of Kootenai County in the summer is one of warm air and pine needles, and that on or near one of our many lakes the breeze breaks to a refreshing coolness that just feels like home, with every breath.

I’ve swam in these waters, I’ve hiked these hills, and explored these mountains - to me Kootenai County isn’t just a place on earth, Kootenai County is home. I was born here, I grew up here, and this is where I am raising my family.

If I were to ask you to name any one single thing that makes our home so - perfect - what would you choose? The abundant land?

The waterways and fisheries, the richness of resources, or the fact that here at home we still honor those family values that matter, we still pray and wish each other Merry Christmas, and we are by nature wary of the Government stepping on our rights as American Citizens.

It’s knowing that my flag on my porch isn’t an offense to any of my neighbors, and that when the hard times come as they inevitably do, the people in Kootenai County are able to stand strong.

I was born here. I grew up here. I will likely grow old, die, and be buried here. Not because I am a hermit, in fact the opposite is true - I travel the world and have lived overseas and still, despite having been to 40+ countries (approximately) I have never found a place that can live up to here. I always come back home.

Our future is one that is marked already by the growth we’ve experienced and will continue to experience as others discover our paradise in the North. I know that I am not alone when I say that I do not want to see that which makes our communities, our county, so exceptional TODAY give way to some audacious urban sprawl. I don’t want to be stumbling over my neighbors on the way to my mailbox, or to be trapped in traffic to get out of my neighborhood. I want my kids to grow up playing in wide open spaces; hiking and swimming in the same way that I did while growing up here. .

The issues of rezoning, development, and growth have been constant themes in my meetings with voters during this campaign, many want to know where I stand on these matters alone because they know how heavy an impact they’ll have on our future. I recognize that growth is inevitable, and I believe in the age old adage “failing to plan is planning to fail”, we need to make sure that dedicated conservatives, committed to Idaho, are able to guide Kootenai County into the future, in a way that prevents urban sprawl, homes on top of other homes, and the erosion of those things that make our home what it is. When it comes to rural and agricultural zoning I believe that our current standards are where we ought to stay, and do not support efforts to rezone them down or up. I know that with growth comes development, and with development comes costs, and I do not think that the taxpayers of Kootenai County should be saddled with these costs.

Kootenai County tomorrow will look different than it did yesterday, but it doesn’t need to change in order to get there - with the right leadership we can keep those things that make Kootenai County great and ensure our future is great as well.

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