• Nick Henderson

People Driven Climate Change

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

I believe in climate change. I believe that global temperatures are, historically, cyclical and that science supports that position. Earth has gone through regular warming and cooling trends since the dawn of time.

I come from a resource developing family. My father and my grandfather were in the mining and lumber industries. I’ve worked in mining and in oil & gas. I know that the natural resources of earth are for man to use.

What I don’t believe is that mankind has had the impact that climate alarmists and green deal activists want us to believe we’ve had.

Now, this doesn’t mean that I don’t think we are charged with being good stewards of the land. I learned a long time ago in Boy scouts that we pack out whatever we pack in (often we pack out more than what we packed in). Just as God tells us to love our neighbor, I believe he also tells us to love our planet and county.

I don’t want to be out on the lake and have to bat garbage out of my way to enjoy the water.

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