• Nick Henderson

Focus on the Budget

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

First, I am eager to get into office so that I can work with the other commissioners, department heads, and county staff in order to curb our spending and then further identify where we can save and maybe even reduce in our budget. Going forward I’ll champion for spending only on the essentials.

I’m team oriented, and am eager to unify our county budget goals across

agencies - I want to work to ensure that no department is getting any more than what they need to do their jobs.

I’m a fiscal conservative, I run a fiscally conservative household - in the past few months my

wife and I have paid down nearly $40,000 in debt and are fast on our way to being debt free. It’s a lifestyle change that applies not only to our home, but to our County budget too. We looked for ways to save money, we prioritized spending, built up an emergency fund, cut the fat wherever we could. One thing that we won’t be doing anymore is using emergency funds, our “savings”, to pay for ongoing expenses such as raises.

As a small business owner and entrepreneur it can be really exciting to set up a new business, and everyone has new toys and services they want you to buy - but you, I, had to know how to say no - and I said no, a lot. I will not be afraid to say no to unreasonable budget requests as County Commissioner.

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Henderson for Kootenai County Commissioner


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