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I am from Kootenai County. I was born here, just up the road in the big blue hospital. I grew up
here, and I am raising my family here because this is home, I love Kootenai County. All of my
life I’ve been called to serve. As a child I was a boy scout. After school I joined the Army. Later I
became the Chaplain at my American Legion post and am currently serving as an emergency
medical helicopter pilot. And now I’m being called to serve again as County Commissioner.

I come from a background of service, and many of you knew my grandfather, Frank Henderson.
He earned most of your respect, even when you all didn’t agree on a topic. He instilled in me
those same values of dignity, respect, and service that you all came to know him for.

There are some who have tried to disparage me and persuade me to drop out of this race.
They’ve said I’m too young, I’ve never done the job before, I don’t have the experience needed.
To those people I say - especially to that last point, you’re wrong.

What this county needs right now is fresh perspective, energy, drive and determination to do
what is right, even when it is hard. These same people who would say I’m “too young” will also
be the first to say that I’ve done far more in my 34 years than most do in a lifetime.

What is my experience? How am I qualified to seek this office? First, I am a leader. In the Army I
led men into combat, knowing full well the risks we were being asked to take. As an EMS pilot I
lead a medical crew in performing life saving transports. I’m expected to be cool under pressure,
to be attentive, and decisive; and I have been expected to be that way for most of my adult life.

As an entrepreneur and small business owner there have been times I’ve been up all night
worrying about my budget, a new client, a new contract. I’ve had to make hard calls, and I’ve
had to say a lot of no’s. I also know what it means to be innovative, and optimistic. I look to the
future and when new problems come up I don’t shake my head and say “oh no not another one”
I get lit on fire and say “how can we dominate this and emerge triumphant on the other side”.

While I was the Chaplain of the American Legion post in Post Falls I was expected to be
thoughtful, comforting, healing, and to be a leader. These are things our county offices seem to
need right now.

I am not here to tell you that I have all the answers, I’m not some genius delivered from on far to
solve all the county’s problems overnight. I know that a commissioner is not a monarch, but
rather - a member of a team of Commissioners and that our job isn’t to tell you how to live your
lives - our job is to shoulder the weight of the needs of the county, together.


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